Swedish death metal innovators ZONARIA are poised to dominate the ears of listeners worldwide with their highly anticipated debut, Infamy And The Breed .

ZONARIA first took form in 2002 under the leadership of guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist Simon Berglund along with axeman Emil Nyström (both were 15 at the time!) . After two years of playing gigs in and around their hometown of Umeå , the band recorded and released their Evolution Overdose demo. Following its release, the band went through a succession of member changes, which ended with the induction of  drummer Emanuel ”Cebbe” Isaksson and bassist Jerry Ekman (both at the ripe age of 17) in 2005. Meanwhile, the home-recorded Evolution Overdose demo -which showcased a unique style of traditional Swedish death metal tinged with black and doom metal influences ranging from HYPOCRISY and DIMMU BORGIR to ARCH ENEMY – was well received in the European underground and beyond, catching the attention of USA-based label Pivotal Rockordings who previously released albums by BLINDED COLONY and SONIC SYNDICATE (Now on Nuclear Blast Records).

In the spring of 2006, ZONARIA was ready to record new material, but this time, with professional assistance. Rendered In Vain, which  featured three new songs, was recorded at Dimrakk Studio in Umeå and was mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY, ex-CARNAL FORGE) at Black Lodge Studios with the addition of guest vocals by Christian Älvestam (SCAR SYMMETRY, UNMOORED) on the track “Attending Annihilation.”  Continuing with the lyrical themes of  the apocalypse,  armageddon, and the inevitable demise of humanity, Rendered in Vain proved to be a momentous step forward for ZONARIA both lyrically and musically, selling out of stock as soon as copies could be pressed. ZONARIA hit the road shortly after, first pulling hundreds of fans to local gigs and then opening up for legendary Finnish black metallers IMPALED NAZARENE on a European tour.  Zonaria also shot a video for the song “Rendered In Vain” with Standard Film Team.

The year  2006 marked the band’s transition from local status to that of  internationally renown artists. The band was also  named the best Swedish Unsigned Artist in the prestigious Sweden Rock Magazine. Pivotal Rockordings signed ZONARIA in November 2006, and soon after the band entered Kabyss Studios with Per Nilsson (SCAR  SYMMETRY) and Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR  SYMMETRY) at  Black Lodge to begin the recording of their debut album, Infamy And The Breed.

Plans to tour in support of Infamy And The Breed are underway, along with brand new music videos. Containing such tracks as “The Armageddon Anthem,” “Descend Into Chaos,” and “Pandemic Assault,” ZONARIA‘s misanthropic medly of brutal riffs, melodic harmonies, maniacal drumming, and ominous synth lines is fully showcased on this  debut masterwork. You have been warned…time has come to an end!


Simon Berglund: Vocals, Guitars (1987)
Emil Nyström – Guitars (1987)
Jerry Ekman – Bass (1989)
Emanuel Isaksson – Drums (1988)

“Rendered in Vain” (Album: “Infamy and the Breed”)

“Pandemic Assault” (Album: “Infamy and the Breed”)

“The Armageddon Anthem” – Music Video

“The Last Endeavor” (Live)

Studio Diary 1:

Studio Diary 2: