Sonic Syndicate

Sonic Syndicate have proven themselves to be an international force.  Perhaps that realization came in 2006 when Sweden Rock Festival hand picked the band to be on a bill which featured renowned artists such as Arch Enemy, Evergrey, Entombed, Def Leppard and many more.  2006 also brought change to Sonic Syndicate’s lineup.  Second vocalist Roland Johansson, whose talents can also be heard on the Eden Fire single “Jailbreak” joined the ranks along with new drummer John Bengtsson. With a new and refined lineup, Sonic Syndicate has steamrolled into 2007 with full impact.  The band has joined forces with Nuclear Blast Records for their sophomore release, Only Inhuman, which is due out in May of 2007 and is expected to hit pop charts all across Europe.  The band is also scheduled to tour heavily in support of Only Inhuman such as appearances at Wacken Open Air, Gates of Metal, and Up From The Ground festivals this summer.

Eden Fire, first released in September 2005, is comprised of ten tracks broken down into three different segments. The praise for the band’s previous two EPs Black Lotus and Extinction was so high that the band felt it necessary to include the works on their debut release so that all the masses could get a chance to hear the material, since the EPs are now out of print. The songs were re-worked in order to meet the band’s new standards and the tracks were completely re-recorded along with three brand new tracks. The result is an album broken down into three segments each with a continuous theme/concept throughout its tracks.The album also features the operatic and soaring vocals of bassist Karin Axelsson on the track “Enhance My Nightmare.” The work on Eden Fire has been compared worldwide to works by bands such as In Flames, Children of Bodom, and Killswitch EngageEden Fire received raving reviews from magazines from the United States all the way to Japan including everywhere in between.  Following the release of Eden Fire, Sonic Syndicate teamed up with Arise and Inevitable End for a Swedish tour which took all the bands to every major market city in Sweden and Sonic Syndicate was able to draw legions of fans to every gig, proving that the band’s much improved live show and lineup could withstand any live situation and still deliver their brilliance.

Coupled with Only Inhuman, Eden Fire is sure to surge in popularity and demand as a result of successive touring, a large budget advertising campaign across Europe and North America as well as mainstream radio play around the world.

Current Line-up:
Vocals: Richard Sjunnesson
Vocals: Roland Johansson
Guitars: Roger Sjunnesson
Guitars: Robin Sjunnesson
Bass: Karin Axelsson
Drums: John Bengtsson

“Jailbreak” (Album: “Eden Fire”)

“Soulstone Splinter” (Album: “Eden Fire”)

“Jailbreak” (Live)

“Enhance My Nightmare” (Live)

“Soulstone Splinter” (Live)

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