Swedish tech metal supergroup NONEXIST features former ARCH ENEMY and current HEARSE vocalist Johan Liiva and ANDROMEDA/SKYFIRE guitarist Johan Reinholdz. Their new full-length record entitled From My Cold Dead Hands was recorded at Multipass Studios and features 9 blistering new tracks. From My Cold Dead Hands will also be accompanied by cover songs that Pivotal Rockordings will release for free on YouTube.


Johan Reinholdz commented: “I´m really excited about unleashing the second assault of Nonexist! Even though ‘Deus Deceptor’ came out ten years ago, Nonexist never died.  It has always been alive in my heart and I´ve written songs for it every now and then.  Because I love it, I love this kind of music which I grew up with. A couple of years ago the Nonexist song-writing became more frequent and I came up with the title – ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’ and I started to focus on getting the album done.  I also began dabbling with cover-songs, something I´ve never really done before but it´s great fun! Some of these song choices might surprise you – but they´re all done Nonexist-style! I then asked Johan Liiva if he wanted to join Nonexist again was pleased when he said yes.  He is one the great singers in extreme metal and I´m proud to work with him again!”


Johan Liiva also commented: “It’s been like 10 years now since the debut came out. I actually had this ‘fantasy’ ever since to make a sequel. For various reasons (like for example ‘life’ haha) it took us all this time to finally get there. Thankfully, Johan and I stayed in touch every now and then… and now *kazaam!* – the time has come! Filled to the brim with new and fresh ideas – as well as retro ones, for sure! Let’s hope you people out there who digged and asked for another one appreciates this new one. Hailz and salutes – it’s time… metal to the very bone!”


NONEXIST’s debut full-length record Deus Deceptor was released in 2002 via Century Media/New Hawen Records and the lineup at the time included Johan Liiva, Johan Reinholdz, and DEFLESHED/DARK FUNERAL drummer Matte Modin.  Deus Deceptor was produced by Tommy Tägtgren and Johan Reinholdz at Abyss Studios and featured a musical direction described as a cross between early ARCH ENEMY and CARCASS (circa Heartwork).