no•ci•cep•tor: Pronunciation: \-ˈsep-tər\  Function: noun
: a receptor for injurious or painful stimuli : a pain sense organ.

Featuring in its ranks THREAT SIGNAL guitarist Travis Montgomery, NOCICEPTOR’s Among Insects EP (produced by Montogomery at his home studio in Dallas) is a hard-hitting riff-fiesta featuring massive grooves, scorching solos, and insane jam-offs for fans of MESHUGGAH, NEVERMORE, and TESSERACT.

The rather dark expression of pain through music is not an uncommon thing.
Nor is it an expression limited only to darker, heavier, or more “metal” bands.

What makes this band a unique outlet for this is the potent combination of intelligence and artistic expression.  Knowledge is power….and knowledge, focus, and concentration of energy is what makes NOCICEPTOR powerful.

The music of this band has been toiled over…through many long hours…not necessarily with the wild, blunt abandon of a bull in a china shop…but with planning and premeditation, which isn’t always associated with metal bands.  Wild abandon is far from a dismissed subject within the realms of NOCICEPTOR, but rather than let loose with no real sense of control, its brutality is channeled.  It is concentrated.  It is precise, and therefore given the very sharpest point it can obtain.

NOCICEPTOR is grace through the absurd conglomeration of ferocity and delicate patience. It is the polarized contrast between chaotic brutality and beautiful order, and the violating, disturbing rupture of pulsing groove and force.

JD Schmidt – Vocals
Travis Montgomery – Guitars
Joey Bartoli – Guitars
Scott Allen – Bass
Michael Eskandari – Drums

“Mollusk” (Among Insects EP)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon