MARIONETTE has injected new light and energy into the Swedish metal genre since bursting onto the scene with its debut album SPITE in 2008.  Building on the multiple successes brought on by high profile European tours in support of ENEMIES (2009), MARIONETTE will now self-release its magnum opus, NERVE on November 14 while Pivotal Rockordings will release the digital version of the album on all major web-retail outlets and streaming services.

Since inception, the band has broken the Gothenburg sound mold – taking inspiration from unexpected places – while adapting new visual approaches, often putting the band at odds with self-absorbed elitists and an older, more conservative generation of listeners.  Kerrang! magazine has given special accolade to the band’s aggressive sound as having “stylistic depth,” “technical cohesion,” and an intrinsic ability to walk the line between relentless heaviness and commercial appeal.

Alexander Andersson – Vocals
Aron Parmerud – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Anton Modig – Guitars
Mikael Medin – Bass
Linus Johansson – Keyboards
Jimmie Olausson – Drums

“The Swine” (Album: “Enemies”)

“Flies” (Album: “Spite”)