Former STIGMA Members Launch New Band THE DOOMSAYER

Posted by Leevan Macomeau - March 5, 2012 - All News - No Comments

After being known as one of the hardest working bands to come out from the Italian metal community, STIGMA decided to call it a day.

“We felt like we couldn’t move forward with that project anymore, we’ve been around for a decade and reached great goals, including multiple European tours, big festival appearances, two albums and one EP released all over the world.” commented frontman Stefano “Vlad” Ghersi. “We wanted to go further, to push ourselves to the limit to give life to another side of us we kept hidden for a long time.”

This is the reason behind the decision to close the Stigma chapter, and open a brand new page, which is called THE DOOMSAYER.

“This band is something totally new, and we all feel this new sound is truly representing ourselves as persons and musicians in a totally different way. We worked one full year on writing and arranging this material, we’re more focused and dedicated than ever and we’re ready to show everyone who we really are.”

THE DOOMSAYER will be tracking its debut release in April at Ridgeway Studio (Bury Tomorrow, The Haarp Machine..), Oxfordshire, and have plans to start touring right after.

“We’re grateful for all the experience we’ve done as Stigma, we met lots of people on the road, learned a lot and we’re going to keep that as a starting point for THE DOOMSAYER, so watch out!”

THE DOOMSAYER just released an introduction video which features a short pre-production clip of their material, you shall check it out at

For more information, visit

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